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About Us

We are three generations of the Shukin family that have been growing high-quality fruit for over 90 years.

The Shukin Family

The Shukin family has been growing cherries and apples for over 90 years. Our 280 acres of cherries is located in the fertile valley of Creston, British Columbia; just miles to the west of the Canadian Rockies. The harsh mountain climate is moderated by Kootenay Lake, creating an ideal environment for the production of superior fruit. 

Ken, his father John, and grandfather Nick have all raised cherries in the Creston Valley. The first generation planted the first rootstock in 1935, which started the legacy of high-quality cherries in the Creston Valley. 

Ken and his 5 kids continue the legacy through working various positions at the farm. Shukin Orchards is very proud to be a family-owned business and hope to continue this business for generations to come

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