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Shukin Orchards Employment

Shukin Orchards is currently hiring for our 2023 cherry harvest! - Apply Below 


Cherry Pickers

Under the supervision and direction of a crew boss, the cherry picker will safely and efficiently pick cherries with minimal damage to the fruit and trees.


Tractor Drivers

Assist picking crew by taking orders from the crew boss to pick up all full bins of cherries and place empty ones for continued picking


Forklift Drivers

Take direction from the plant manager to carefully unload fruit from the hydrocooler into the cooler. Strategic placement of bins is necessary to make sure fruit is not mixed with other growers.


Camp Cook

Create and cook 3 meals a day for over 100 employees while directing kitchen staff to prep and maintain a safe and clean workspace.


Assistant Kitchen Staff

Assist the camp chef in cooking high quality meals, maintaining a safe and clean workspace, and work independently prepping food.



Assist picking crew by taking orders from crew boss and walking orchard to ensure full bins are picked up and replaced with empty by the tractor driver. Other tasks such as clean up and coffee break are to be completed as well.


Crew Boss

A crew boss directs the cherry-picking crew to numerous jobs sites. At the orchard, they ensure pickers are given a block to pick, that they are picking quality fruit, and that tractor drivers are picking up full bins of cherries and replacing it with an empty bin. They also need to communicate with the Human Resource Manager daily of any incidents, issues, and concerns.


Field Manager

The field manager works directly with the crew boss and human resource manager to ensure blocks are ready for picking for the following day.


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