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Shukin Orchards is currently looking for 2020 season cherry pickers! Our anticipated start date has changed to July 23rd 2020 due to cold weather!

Welcome to Shukin Orchards Ltd! We are thrilled that you have taken time to research and know more about our company! We appreciate every single one of our employees and would not be able to do this without you!

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Current Crop: July 11th 2020


Exciting News For 2020!

There is a new edition to our campground this year. We have added a wash car that includes 3 urinals, 8 showers, 8 toilets, 11 sinks, 2 washers, 3 dryers and 2 big hot water tanks for long, hot showers!




Picking Wages

$0.30 / pound ** If stay entire contract 

$0.28 / pound ** If leave early

Other Wages

Will be determined upon hire 


Operating hours vary upon season! Though we are always available via email

How to Apply

Please submit an email to with;

  • Your Name 

  • Experience 

  • Any additional information that would help us during the hiring process 


We value your free time outside of work, for that reason we provide our employees with; 

  • Showers

  • Toilets

  • Kitchen 

  • Outdoor Seating

  • Campground for tents/campers

  • Refrigerated Food Storage 


What do we look for in our staff at Shukin Orchards?

Hard Working

Picking cherries is very hard! You must be able to work long hours, in hot temperatures, and be physically fit.



Though experience is not a necessity, we do prefer some fruit/vegetable picking experience or have an idea on how to pick cherries. If you do require some help prior to the start of the season, we are more than happy to help


Able To Work With Others

At Shukin Orchards we want everyone to be able to work well with others. We do not tolerate any sort of harassment or disrespect towards other employees. If these were to occur you would be asked to leave immediately!


Frequently Asked Questions

1) When do you start picking?

  • Generally we start picking the end of July to start of August 

2) When do you finish picking? 

  • Typically we pick anywhere from 14-18 days 

3) How much do you pay for cherry pickers?

  • At Shukin Orchards we pay $0.33 per pound if you stay the entire contract.

  • If you leave early prior to when the contract is complete, you will be paid $0.30 per pound. 

4) How much do you pay crew boss', swamper's, field workers etc.?

  • As of now our payment for other positions are determined when hired!

5) What is your address? 

  • 319 33rd Ave South, Creston, BC​​

6) What does Shukin Orchards have to offer? 

  • WIFI

  • Hot shower's

  • Campsites

  • Chilled food storage

  • Ovens and Barbecues 

  • Seating areas

  • Flush toilets and sinks

  • Great Staff :) 


Opening Hours

Starting July 1st, Matty will be available in the upstairs office!

Available anytime through email, text or come see me!
Office Hours: Mon-Fri


319 33rd Ave S
Creston, V0B 1G1

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